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Virtual Training

The safest and most efficient way to train or acquire new skills

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We develop cost efficient inductions & training applications

Virtual Reality allows us to realistically replicate real-life scenarios without the risks, while improving retention rates and performance through independent learning and practice of real physical motions.

VR is the perfect tool for industrial training, workshop & machine inductions, and general employee training. By training in a virtual environment you will:

  • Eliminate risks
  • Improve learning
  • Reduce training costs
Workshop Inductionsand training In Virtual reality (VR) - Insilico



"Immersive virtual reality provides improved learning of physical movements than a two dimensional video. As technology, and our understanding of how to use that technology progresses, we should see larger gains in learning from virtual reality" *

* paper by Jeremy N. Bailenson, Stanford University




Engaging user Experience

...How to make a big impression

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Virtual Marketing - VR brand experiences

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is an increasingly valuable marketing tool and is poised to become an instrumental medium for all consumer-facing companies.  Companies like Amazon, IKEA or Audi are already developing virtual online stores,  virtual test drives and showrooms,  and immersive VR shopping apps

The power of VR lies in it's ability to immerse, inspire and educate.  By creating a curated interactive experience,  an audience can experience and try a product, service or idea first hand in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and has an improved educational outcome. We are proven experts in creating fully immersive: 

  • Highly interactive brand experiences
  • Virtual walkthroughs and showrooms
  • Multi-sensory installations
  • VR apps

Augmented Reality

Unlike VR, which is completely immersive, Augmented Reality (AR) blends virtual objects within the real world. This allows for three dimensional digital information (also known as holograms)  to be placed in real world which can be viewed and interacted with using headsets like the Microsoft Hololens or mobile handheld devices like phones and tablets. AR provides a practical, intuitive way of interacting with the digital world and is the next big step in mobile computing.  

At InSilico, we are using AR to create applications that leverage new possibilities and allow audiences to visualize products in a real world environment, to customize or design, be guided with live instructions and information, or get training on an unfamiliar procedure. 

Augmented Reality - Hololens app development



Custom app development for VR headsets, Hololens, Mobile and Web

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