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INDUCT VR is a virtual reality training platform for students to practice operating workshop machinery and power tools virtually, before moving on to real world use. VR inductions save valuable teaching time, improve health and safety, and drastically reduce the risk factors related to the lack of real-world practice.




Safe, accident free lessons

Safe, accident free skill training

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Tracked learner progress database

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Reduce consumables costs to 0

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Developed to meet current Health and Safety UK standards

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Force Feedback Simulators


For workshop machinery with a high accident risk, we develop custom force feedback simulators allowing trainees to feel the physical force of cutting or drilling, therefore more intuitively learning correct hand placement, cutting speed and develop hazard perception.

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The Table Saw Sim trains and tests trainee cutting speed, regularity and hand placement. Using custom electromagnetic and vibration based force-feedback, this system can realistically simulate both the Band Saw and the Table Saw. By developing these competencies and their self-confidence, the trainees will be able to carry work in real-life conditions, drastically reducing the risks of accidents.



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