Virtual Training

The safest and most efficient way to train or acquire a new skill

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We deliver safe and cost efficient induction & training applications

Workshop Inductions

Health & Safety

Safe and hassle free Wood & Metal Workshop Inductions for universities and vocational schools. Learn more..



Technical Skills Training

Skill Training

We deliver complex techinical skills training for a range of industries.   Learn more..

Custom Solution

Get in touch if you need specific VR training or inductions for your organization.

Benefits of virtual training

Virtual Reality allows us to realistically replicate real-life scenarios without the risks, while improving retention rates and performance through independent learning and practice of real physical motions.

VR is the perfect tool for industrial training, workshop & machine inductions, and general employee training. By training in a virtual environment you will:

  • Eliminate risks
  • Improve learning
  • Reduce training costs


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Hardware we use for VR training

Our VR training solutions run on across all VR hardware. Our recommended setup is one HTC Vive Pro headset powered by a gaming laptop. It represents less than £2500, takes 15 minutes to set up, and it will save hundreds of hours of teaching staff.


HTC Vive Headset

VR Training Hardware gaming laptop

 Gaming laptop with gtx1060