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Virtual Training

The safest and most efficient way to train or acquire new skills

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We develop cost efficient inductions & training applications


Workshop Inductions

Health & Safety

We use VR to create safe and hassle free Metal & Wood Workshop Inductions for universities and vocational schools. Students can independently learn how to safely operate workshop machinery, learn how to weld, and develop their skills and confidence to use power tools.


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Training Simulators 

Using Haptics and Mixed Reality 

Our training solutions use a combination of real and virtual devices that provide the most realistic and comprehensive learning scenarios. Our Force-Feedback enabled simulators allow trainees to feel and intuitively learn precise hand movements and correct hand positioning needed when working with dangerous machinery. 

Custom Solution

We also create custom virtual training solutions. Contact us if you need specific VR training or inductions for your organisation. 

Benefits of virtual training

Virtual Reality allows us to realistically replicate real-life scenarios without the risks, while improving retention rates and performance through independent learning and practice of real physical motions.

VR is the perfect tool for industrial training, workshop & machine inductions, and general employee training. By training in a virtual environment you will:

  • Eliminate risks
  • Improve learning
  • Reduce training costs


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Hardware we use for VR training

An Oculus Rift or Htc Vive powered by a gaming laptop is all that is needed to run our VR training solutions. It represents less than £2,000.


Oculus Rift or HTC Vive

VR training laptop

MSI Gaming laptop with gtx1060

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