Immersive storytelling in virtual reality

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Technolust is multi-player immersive installation that allowed the audience to become characters in a short story based on Kafka's 'In The Penal Colony'. The project brought together the realm of computer generated graphics with that of immersive theatre, enabling new possibilities previously out of reach within the live arts. The unique and innate qualities of this new medium, the instinctive first person experience and sense of self-agency, combined with the ability to be transported to imaginary places at the click of a button, make for an incredibly powerful storytelling medium. 


The Story

The story is about a 'Visitor' who is rather unexplainably asked to give his opinion on a foreign judicial system and the 'Apparatus' - a perfect execution machine that inscribes the punishment on the back of the condemned and slowly kills them. Certain controversy surrounds the use of the machine, as the accused are always considered guilty and their punishment is never told to them, but is instead inscribed on their body. 'The Commandant' (pictured below) who leads the story, is one of the only advocators left of this way of cruel punishment. His goal is get the Visitor on his side and make her approve if his methods. As the story progresses the Visitor realizes how irrational these actions are, and eventually flees from the colony on a boat, taking with her a new and brighter vision of the future, that is free from old authorities and cruel methods.


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The Idea

A paradigm shift

Virtual Reality proposes new questions about what our experience of subjective reality fundamentally is. As these technologies inevitably progress and achieve level of realism indistinguishable from reality, we will be at a cross roads -  'the birth of the digital baby' - will be the mark of this transition.

The main inspiration came from Kafka's nightmarish tale,  which ingeniously depicts the end of an era in human history when mankind decided to break free of the old barbaric methods of justice. We depicted this nightmare world through the environment chosen, which felt abandoned, rotten, old. The main character who is 'the advocator of old values onto old tables', resides in this environment and has become mad . The bread which the visitor holds, is here used as the symbol of hope, and it is by using this bread that the visitor reveals the secret to 'the digital baby' -  a metaphor for virtual existence which was inspired by the last scene in Kubrik's 'A Space Odyssey'. 


How it was made

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3D Scanning

The environment and characters were scanned using Photogrammetry techniques.

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Set Design

A set was built to match the feel and physical dimensions of the virtual space

Animation - charactes animated using motion capture by perception neuron


The characters were animated using motion capture and animation software

Unity Networking - multi-player immersive experience

Unity Networking

We used the popular game-engine Unity 3D to bring everything to life and connect the systems for live interaction


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