Hololens brings geotechnical survey to life

THE CHALLENGE: A geotechnical survey is the first step in the construction or consolidation of a site. It includes information about soil consistency and structure, groundwater level and recommendation for the technical project. By law, before any building work can commence, a detailed geotechnical survey must be completed to assess what can be built on the land. Presenting the results often takes the form of a report of many pages, filled with technical terminology that is hard to digest by non-experts. This presents a challenge for engineers to share and present the results with their clients in a meaningful way.

THE SOLUTION: We set out to transform the survey report into an interative augmented reality presentation, easy to understand, and most importantly, a memorable experience that demonstrates the high level of expertise of the engineering team. We produced a map prototype, featuring a 3D scan of a site, obtained using photogrammetry and optimised for the Hololens. The pinch and drag functionality allows greater navigation of the map and allows a high level of interactivity for users. Users can select to view a cross section of the soil as well as see more info about each area of interest.

Besides being the best presentation tool for technical reports and surveys, this type of augmented reality app can also act as great a sales tool. The Hololens device is self-contained and portable, and the app itself can be sent to potential customers and stakeholders or shown at events or on site.



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