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Fondasol Odyssey is VR project developed for a French engineering company called Fondasol . The goal of the project is to introduce people to Fondasol's vision of eco-friendly and sustainable construction, as well as allow people see what's it's like to be a Fondasol engineer. This was the first stage of the project, the Proof of Concept, where we developed a scenario for people to learn how to do some basic Building Pathology and learn how to drive a cherry picker. The final application, that will include a few more engineering tasks and puzzles, will be available on our website and Steam for download this fall.VR

Fondasol Odyssey Chery Picker - ScreenShot.JPG

Fondasol Odyssey  Operating Cherry Picker- ScreenShot.JPG


Fondasol Odyssey - ScreenShot.JPG

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