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A unique event solution

Fondasol is a leading French engineering company offering services such as Geotechnical Engineering, Ecological Assesment and Hydrology. InSilico created a bespoke Oculus Rift game to raise awareness about Fondasol’s services in an unique and engaging way. The game was specifically designed to be shown at fairs, using a combination of puzzle mechanics, suspense and fast paced movement, perfect for raising interest at busy events.



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The Plot: Fondasol has developed a new way of recruiting and testing new team members using Virtual Reality. You are about to take part in a simulation that will test your geotechnical engineering skills, logical thinking as well as your dexterity. The simulation is set on a laboratory on Mars, and your mission is to perform an ‘Oedometer Test’ - a type of soil analysis that will assess the suitability of the soil for landing a fast approaching rocket.


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